Napier, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand

Napier is a town in the Hawke’s Bay region of New Zealand.

This is a pretty cool town. With a population of about 58,000, it boasts the title of the “Art Deco Capitol of the World.” 

Art Deco

Every year, the city hosts an Art Deco Weekend in February where everyone in the town dresses up in Art Deco fashion from the 1930’s and parades around in old cars.  There is a smaller version of this event held in July which, needless to say, I am ABSOLUTELY going to.

Most of the architecture in the town is Art Deco and there are a lot of stores dedicated to Art Deco styles. Why? Because in 1931 there was an earthquake that devastated the entire city of Napier and everything needed to be rebuilt. Art Deco was the popular style at that time in the 1930’s and so the celebration of this style is a bit of a tribute to the time of rebuilding after the earthquake.

photo (2) copy 3

The earthquake was so big that it brought a large chunk of Napier up out of the water and it is apparently still rising today.

I guess they have plenty of earthquakes here. I was unaware of this. I was also unaware of the teeny tiny hill country roads. And that you can walk into stores without any shoes on. I am afraid of all of these things.

But Napier is a strikingly unique town that I am looking forward to getting know better in the next couple months.



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One thought on “Napier, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand

  1. Brenna – this is awesome! Sounds like a pretty cool town. And so happy you have a blog for your time in NZ. Look forward to living vicariously through you! Been too long, Greg

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