Daily Routine

7:00am – Wake up and put on every article of clothing I have to go into the bathroom to get ready (Their houses don’t require central heating, but it’s only about 40 degrees).

8:00am – Walk a mile to school (arrive sweaty if I leave late).

8:30am – Staff meeting where I only understand every third word (their accents are really thick).

9:00am-11:00am – Observe/assist in two class periods.

11:00am – Morning Tea (Students have a half hour break everyday at 11. They eat snacks and staff drinks tea. Genius, really.)

11:30am-1:30pm – Observe/assist in two more class periods.

1:30pm – Lunch  (for 45 minutes!)

2:15pm – 3:15 – Observe/assist in one more class period.

3:15pm – Walk a mile home (probably in the rain).

4:00pm – Homework?

5:00pm – Help my host mom make Tea (they call dinner “tea”) and have a glass of New Zealand wine (through a straw so as to not stain my new, fake teeth).

6:00pm – Watch Married to Jonas, What Would Ryan Locthe Do, The Love Boat, or whatever other program she likes to watch.

6:30pm – Eat an Eskimo Pie (they just have really great dairy products all around).

8:00pm – Try not to use up all my family’s broadband internet.

8:30pm – Crawl into bed and turn on the electric blanket, which is actually an electric mattress pad. Like a heated car seat for your bed.

9:00pm – Read a chapter in Ellen’s book (it’s delightful) and go to sleep because we’re going to pretend that I’m still adjusting to the time difference and that I don’t do that at home in Minneapolis.

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