School’s Not Out for Summer

I’ve been struggling to find the best way to present my thoughts and ideas on education in blog form. There is so much background and cultural information that needs to be included that I feel like I’m setting up a Choose Your Own Adventure book (turn to page 8 if you want to read about Special Education in the mainstream, turn to page 12 if you want to read about Special Education at a national level, turn to page 20 if you want to turn left in the cave and face the mob of bats).


To give you a heads up, I’m going to post a slew of initial impression posts on different subjects. I’m not sure how they will categorized in the following weeks, but I plan on making introductory posts about:

  • Taradale High School – the layout, expectations, and student body
  • Classroom management – the good, the bad, and the different
  • Public School – the systematic roles of public education
  • Special Education – at a national level, school level, and private versus public
  • Special Education at Taradale – the Learning Support Centre, Teacher Aids, the Ministry of Education, and the role of the Special Educator
  • Teachers – differences and similarities in teacher training, teaching politics, and routines


So if you’re an education nerd like I am, check back often.

If you’re not, don’t worry. I’ll be posting about an upcoming ukulele American rock cover band concert that I was invited to at a local pub. 

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