Lemon and Paeroa

Just like Minnesotans love being from Minnesota, New Zealanders love being from New Zealand and are eager to share their native gems.

One of these is Lemon and Paeroa.


 Just a regular soft drink, no big deal, right? WRONG. L&P comes from a town called Paeroa that has a natural mineral spring. This means that the water in that spring is naturally carbonated. People started drinking this water and putting lemon in it. This became so popular that they just started bottling it right out of the spring. Now produced by Coca-Cola, the hilarious local adds (narrated occasionally by Jermaine from Flight of the Conchords) boast that L&P is “world famous in New Zealand.” You won’t find it anywhere else.


It tastes kind of like club soda, ginger ale, and lemonade mixed together.

I’m into it.

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