Farmers Market

Farmers Market. Farmer’s Market. Farmers’ Market.

Whatever the correct plural/possessive form is, it’s surprisingly similar to a Minnesotan (sub any other state, probably) farmers market.

The one we went to just outside of Taradale was mostly held in a big barn because it’s winter (60 degrees and sunny, but okay).


Just like any other farmers market, you have your giant vegetables,

Image Image

Your weird vegetables,

Image Image

And, of course, your squid ink pasta.


You have your delicious sauces and relish,

Image Image

Your lamb and venison,

Image(Don’t let that “wild” claim fool you, they farm deer.)

Your “poultry items,”


And your creamed honey.


The whole thing was wonderful and it had enough granola selling, sandal-wearing people to make this Uptowner feel right at home.


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One thought on “Farmers Market

  1. I love the farmer’s market!

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